Client Feedback & Testimonials

CH2M Hill

The SVA team are exceptional people with high values and integrity. They have great knowledge and wisdom about business organization and effective leadership. They sincerely care about others and their counsel has helped me be a better person and leader. Their networking and introductions have led to productive business relationships and advanced my career. I am grateful that I have known and worked with SVA for two decades. I have greatly benefited from our relationship and I highly recommend them.

- David Parry, PhD, Senior Vice President

Honeywell Aerospace

I worked with SVA in their capacity as Harrison Assessment experts. I found their insight to be both enlightening and penetrating in facilitating growth and awareness at the individual and group level. Their service and attention to detail in this program and client management enabled smooth transitions and were customer focused. They are professionals in every sense of the word.

- Josh Savage, Director of Organization Development

Washington Trust Bank

Peter Dove, our SVA coach, is very insightful and bright. He has an inquisitive mind that is always in motion and seeking deep understanding. Peter has a high emotional IQ and quickly assesses the reality of a person's motivations and personality. He is an accomplished communicator who can frame complex concepts in understandable language. Peter has a strong commitment to ethical behavior. He is also just fun to be around.

- Larry Van Ness, Senior Vice President

Philips Electronics

SVA worked with me and members of my team on Harrison Assessments. We found their insights and the feedback from the Assessment tool very valuable in understanding ourselves and improving our approach to various situations in the work environment. They were an effective sounding board and coach for me and my team, and I enjoyed our opportunity to work together.

- Paul Geary, CPA, Senior Manager - Operations Finance

Kaiser Permanente

The SVA team are proven executive coaches. They coach leaders in a way that combines assessment metrics with a process that lends itself to a trusting coaching relationship with leaders. They are able to create a coaching environment that focuses on the interests of the organization and the leader. Peter Dove has been a trusted colleague of mine for over 15 years. I think of Peter as a trusted thought partner."

- Nathan Nypen, Sr. Consultant Talent Development & Learning

Commencement Bay Development

As an owner of a construction company with annual sales of $100 million and 270 employees at our peak, we used SVA on several occasions, and we were very satisfied with their programs. SVA's coaches are very knowledgeable, communicate well, and get the participants involved. They have several programs/products available, and they are all good. I highly recommend SVA if you are looking for any of the consulting services they offer.

- Brad Nakamura, Co-owner, CFO

Glasair Aviation

SVA's presentation of the Shared Values program and subsequent follow up sessions made a real impact on how I lead people. The eight principles and their application make for powerful cohesiveness in a company. SVA is terrific as presenters of this material. Highly recommend.

- Nick Frisch, Director Sales and Marketing

Frontier Communications

SVA has incredible skills in coaching. They are very personable, intelligent, and know processes very well. They coached me to new levels, and I do not hesitate to recommend them.

- David Martinez, Medium Account Manager

Nutron Nameplate

About 10 years ago our family business was going through the difficulties of succession planning and the affirmation of our personal and our company’s goals and values. It was fortunate that we found SVA at that time. Peter, our coach, mentored us through the “Shared Values” process and taught us about a “Heroic Environment." Our family, our associates, and our company continue to be successful as a result. Thanks Coach!

- Russ Butchko, President

West Safety Systems

Peter, our SVA coach, is a thoughtful person with high integrity. He knows leadership frontwards and backwards. Peter and the SVA team will help you move your business/personal life forward if you're willing to work with them.

- Jerry Wilke, Director, Customer Team

Eisenman Performance Consulting

For over a decade I have relied on SVA's expertise and consistent high quality to support my leadership development work. They provide exceptional consultation, coaching and resources. In our earliest interactions, SVA was instrumental in guiding customized solutions which increased the change-management abilities of over 35 of our physician leaders. Their work with Priority Management brought a solution to myself and several of my peers that saved me 90 minutes of productive time each day (that may sound like an exaggeration, but it is not. Contact me for details if you wish!). SVA has been exceptional at follow up and continues to be a valuable partner. I recommend them highly.

- Dan Eisenman, President

Canyon Creek Cabinet Company

I have had the pleasure of working with SVA and using their services for Executive Coaching, Pre and Post Employment Harrison Assessments, and Team Performance. They listen to their client's needs, addresses core challenges and effectively provide options that start them on the journey to finding a workable solution. Peter at SVA is engaging, direct, honest and has the ability to put a person at ease while diving into territory or topics that can be uncomfortable. I have found the analysis Peter gives is accurate and he is always very responsive to our needs.

- Deena Eckroth, Director of Human Resources

SOG Specialty Knives & Tools

I first started working with Peter Dove from SVA back in the early 2000s when they were retained to apply the Shared Values process to Cascade Designs. This was relatively early in my management career and has had a foundational impact on my approach to people and on the importance of true values in an organization.  I have continued to learn from Peter over the years. It is very clear that he has a personal mission that goes beyond simply operating a business to make a living. Peter has dedicated himself to transforming the wellbeing and effectiveness of organizations through values and I feel very lucky to have been a beneficiary of that commitment.

- Joe McSwiney, CEO, SOG Specialty Knives & Tools

Curt Maier

Peter Dove at SVA is a consummate business professional and is a life-long learner. He has honed his coaching skills through the years and delivers high quality coaching services to his clients. I would highly recommend Peter to anyone in a managerial position looking to achieve their employee selection, development, and succession objectives.

- Curt Maier, Venture Capitalist, Business Intermediary

Jim Jackson

Peter Dove with SVA is a fine human being and has a value system that I admire. He knows how to inspire people to go where they didn't think they could go. I trust his insights and wisdom.

- Jim Jackson, Professional Keynote Speaker and Author