Priority® Negotiating Breakthroughs Workshop


Make all negotiations more satisfying and successful.

Through mutually successful negotiations, you can create lasting partnerships and measurable improvements. Use our negotiationplanning techniques to prepare strategies and tactics to achieve desired outcomes. Once you learn how to transform potential combatants into lasting partners, you will significantly increase your confidence when entering into any negotiation situation.

This course will help you:

  • Reduce negotiating time by investing in planning
  • Apply a full range of negotiating skills
  • Eliminate potential misunderstandings
  • Know when to negotiate and when to sell
  • Realize a higher degree of satisfaction from the negotiation
  • Build lasting relationships

Who Should Attend:

Middle and upper management, project managers, senior sales people and individuals involved with marketing, procurement or out-sourcing negotiations.


  • A 2-day workshop that is case study driven
  • A pre- and post-workshop assessment
  • An optional 1-day advanced workshop

Tools provided:

  • A Comprehensive Learning Guide
  • A Negotiating Planner

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